Radcliff United Methodist Church
Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Martha's Kitchen

Martha's Kitchen is a ministry that provides meals to families who have a special need:  such as illness, death, hospitalization, etc.  Ladies from the church volunteer to cook and deliver the meals. If you would like to volunteer to help cook and deliver meals or if you know of a church family who needs a meal, please contact the church office at 351-3290 or Joane Kennington at 272-1252.  

Smile Card Ministry

Members of Radcliff UMC are encouraged to participate in our Smile Card campaign.  Members are asked to do random acts of kindness throughout the community annonymously.  They leave behind one of our smile cards that encourages the receiver to "pay it forward" and do something nice for someone else. 

Nursing Home Ministry

Radcliff UMC provides a worship/communion service for the residents of North Hardin Nursing Home on the 1st Tuesday of each month.  Volunteers are always appreciated.  POC: Doris Dozier, 351-4666.

Nothing But Nets

The United Methodist church is partnering with several other organizations to promote a new ministry entitled, "Nothing But Nets."  For $10, you can send a protective bedding net to people in Africa who are suffering terribly from malaria.  These protective nets have been treated with chemicals that will kill the mosquitos when they land on the nets.  Get involved and help save lives!!!!   www.NothingButNets.net

Morrissey Missionaries to Thailand

Radcliff UMC helps support the mission work of Mike and Sherri Morrissey, the 1st United Methodist missionaries to Thailand.  Check out their blog to see all the great things that are happening over there:  www.msmorrissey.blogspot.com

Helping Hand of HOPE

Radcliff UMC helps support the ministry work of Helping Hand of HOPE by sending monthly financial support as well as through the many volunteers that give of their time at the center.  Our United Methodist Men meet their monthly to help with repairs around the center.  Another one of our small groups is very active in doing can drives to help keep their shelves stocked.  We believe in the ministry of Helping Hand of HOPE and we appreciate all the work of the staff and volunteers.

Scouting Ministries

Radcliff UMC is home to several scouting groups throughout the week.  For more information, contact the church office at 351-3290.

Small Groups in Ministry

The small groups of Radcliff United Methodist church are also active in ministry.  Each small group has a ministry outreach project. 

  1. Members enjoy working with North Hardin HOPE.  Members have been active in the North Hardin HOPE food drive, volunteering at the center on a weekly basis, and providing financial assistance for people who need help with their utilities. 
  2. Members have been active in building relationships with our neighbors in the apartment buildings across the street by hosting FREE pizza parties. 
  3. Members have donated much needed items for some families within the community.
  4. Members have helped make some home improvements in two members homes that was much needed.
  5. Members have collected food for the Vine Grove UMC Food pantry as well as coats for school children.

As you can see Radcliff United Methodist church is committed to making a difference in our community!